January 26, 2017 – Humility and The Source of Everything- James 4:10, Colossians 3:12


Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.  James 4:10 (NRSV) 

It is difficult for people who tend to be independent to admit that we are not able to do it all, and that self reliance is a myth.

It’s good that God finds ways to get through to even the most stubborn of us even though it isn’t always easy.  But God knows we are weak. He holds us up in His strength and gives us worth and dignity.

As God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Colossians 3:12 (NRSV)


When we put God first, we give Him the chance to set our priorities right- so that we put God and others ahead of ourselves.

God made us to be His heart and hands in the world.  Humility invites the Creator to give us, His creation, greater purpose and vision than we would have if we follow the illusion that we are somehow in charge.

One thought on “January 26, 2017 – Humility and The Source of Everything- James 4:10, Colossians 3:12

  1. I like Rick Warren’s comment. Some of the hardest people for me to deal with are those who are arrogant. They may think they are just being confident and helpful, but they come across as “know-it-all” (and “you know nothing”). Humility may be key. How do we recognize when we are unknowninhly coming across as arrogant instead of being confident and helpful?

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